Paolo de Jesus is a designer based in Berlin Germany.

He mainly designs objects and furniture but sometimes also websites and graphical user interfaces.

Bio ->

Having spent 11 years working in the London 'Design-Art' Industry, 5 of which at the prestigious David Gill Gallery, he moved to Berlin in 2017.

Born in the Philippines & raised in Perth, Western Australia - he studied 3D/Product Design at Curtin University of Technology, and then started his career designing for a local chair manufacturing company.  Moving to London in the mid 2000's, he cut his teeth in its fast paced design industry.

Now based in Berlin, he has restarted his design practice exploring ways in which Design can still respond to our current crisis' without being totally subsumed into the prevailing consumerist system based on constant mass production and unlimited growth.

2007 - Tent London (now London Design Fair)
2019 - Superstudio Piu; Milan Design Week
2019 - Dutch Design Week
2020 - Milan Design Week
2020 - Dutch Design Week


Chair - 2019
Worth Partnership Project

Named after Margarete Klöber, this task chair is a post-century modern homage to the designer of the original ‘ergonomic’ chair.

Presented at the 2019 Salone del Mobile in Milan - the prototype was developed with the support of the European Union's Worth Partnership Project and in collaboration with Portugese cork producer Clever3D+Studio and East Sussex based blacksmiths - Ironworks UK.

Tisch 01

Table - 2020
Designed for Nomade Editions

Designed in conjunction with the development of an online configurator - Tisch 01 is a customizable flat pack table, intended to be cut out of standard sheets of board material.

By splitting the table top into 4 quarters, this effectively makes the package to be carried 75% smaller in footprint easing the burden on transport & delivery.

Development ->

Horai Collection

Uniquely personalised jewellery, designed with your voice and its sound waves at its core.

Your recorded messages, memories, and poetry are infused and transformed into personal and poetic pieces.

Jewellery - 2020
Designed for Horai Jewellery.

Thinking Woman's Chair

Rocking Chair - 2020
Designed for Dorte Lange - Prototype

Rocking chair designed to be completely cut using CNC out of standard board material.

Pedestal Side Table - 2022

A parametric side table


Boat Interior - 2016 (completed)
Self initiated Project

In 2014, I commissioned the construction of a widebeam canal boat and designed the interior as a floating studio and home residence.


Paolo de Jesus
Berlin Kreuzberg, Germany

Email: paolo@paolodejesus.com
Instagram: @paolodejesus